Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Viking


Clive said...

Hey Kelly; what a marvellous suite of new work! This stuff is amazing, obviously the characters, but the background work is really tremendous too. Lovely colour schemes and subtlety; really inspiring! Great to see these new posts piling up.

Juanma said...

Kelly mate!
what do you think you are doing??
Stop°at once!!
you getting everyone angry and jealous, this work is too good.

I love this new Celtic idea
is it for a show? jsut for fun?
cuz i tell ya you can do great things with these.
(diggin the red head warrior woman)

Lubomir said...

Whoah Kelly, this series is killer man! The Druid is my favorite, I love owls but haven't tried drawing one yet....soooon.


M.P.Revita said...

Wow, those are kickass, Kel.