Saturday, December 06, 2008

Gene Hunt

Most people won't have the foggiest clue as to what this is a picture of. But for fellow anglophiles that love British TV like I love British TV, this is my interpretation of DCI Gene Hunt from one of my favorite shows on the telly, Ashes To Ashes. Harvey Keitel is a great actor, but Philip Glenister will always be the real Gene Genie in my books. And for anyone who knows the show, yes, I am kicking myself for not working the David Bowie clown into this design.


Augusto Quijano Vázquez said...

I love your work; the Donal O'Donnell looks great. Can't wait to see more! Cheers

Juanma said...

Wicked shit kid!
your blog kills me , everytime i see those celts i just wanna see em move.
dude lets talk imnna start up a new blog, its some idea i got.
Merry xmas!

Nora said...

Hey Kelly! thanks for the comment! your new work is looking amazing. I love the digital painting on this guy. I hope your holidays are treating you well! Cheers